The opposite of networking is not working. 

What is the most important networking tool, your business card. It is amazing to me how many people still neglect to have a nice, unique, interesting, and memorable card. What do you think when someone hands you a card they printed on their own ink jet printer then tore it out of the pre perforated sheet? I know what I think and it’s not good. Is that the impression you want to leave with a potential client? Of course not, so I am going to give you some good tips. In today’s world of technology you don’t need to cram your card with tons of information. Drop your address and just put the city your located in or where your from. People will see that and ask about it, ice breaker. White space, looks classy, professional and clean, make sure you have plenty. Unique shapes work great, I have a 2.5 inch round card and everyone I hand it to makes a comment about how cool that is. My ultimate goal is to be remembered, not cram information down people’s throats. Believe me, if they want to know exactly where your located they will Google it. Another one is the use of numbers, your fax number does not need to be on your cards, not many people use the fax anymore and if they need it then they can call and get it. Multiple phone numbers, just use one number, if you don’t want people to call you directly don’t give them a card to begin with. Self portrait is very important for real estate, customer service and anyone that wants you to put a name with a face. So I hope some of this has helped you make the desision to change your card and stand out from the crowd. At cool ideas marketing I can help your cards stand out and be remembered, visit for more information about standing out. Thanks so much! Brian Coolbaugh



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